Thursday, 8 December 2011

Birth Trauma...

By Robert Searle

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Around the turn of the 1970s I re-experienced something of my birth...or "rebirth" into this world. It took place in Spain. I was a child, and I had curled up into the foetal position on the back seat of my parents car.

Whilst sleeping, I entered into a "low" "sub-normal" state of conciousness...I was aware of being unable to move. I was having trouble breathing. Infact, I felt I was "suffocating".I was trapped in a confined space (ie. the womb). I could see the exit of the birth canal. Instead of a hospital I could see the backs of my parents in the front seat of the car. I was feeling increasingly terrified because of my "immobilisation". I tried to scream out several times....but they were mental screams...and thus, my parents could not hear me...

As this was happening I could hear music. It could have come from the car radio but I do not know. It was like military music of the 18th Century. My late mater was doing some research for a Spanish friend on the life of Sir John Moore who was killed at one of the battles of the Peninsula War at La Corunna. All this may be just coincidence...I remember too that my mater had "seen" Sir John Moore but this was probably a mental projection...

Anyway, my birth trauma experience seemed to go on for awhile, and thankfully it stopped, and I awoke to normal conciousness....I entered the world via Caesarian section, and lived to "tell the tale" so to speak!!

Long after this happened I had a lady friend who claimed she could remember her birth into this world. Unfortunately, or fortunately, she did not give any detail...

I believe that my birth trauma experience affected the early part of my life. Indeed, I believe that it may have stunted my early mental development. At the sametime, as indicated in the Realization of the Psychic I believe it may have initiated my early psychic experiences which largely disappeared in my later life.

Since I believe in reincarnation I hope that next time (if necessary ofcourse)my entrance into this world would be less traumatic. Also, I hope to return in female form. Alot of research into hypnotic regression seem to indicate that we can change sex to experience life from a different angle. It might also be an explanation for homosexuality, and bisexuality.

PS. Ofcourse, the above description is clearly reminiscent of sleep paralysis. However, there are certain aspects of the experiences which I have not divulged which clearly suggested that I had been re-living the birth trauma..

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

More Light on the Two Inner Awakenings......

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On an earlier blog post I attempted to describe something of my two inner awakening experiences with Dr. Sharma, and Sant Harjit Singh.

The following article by Andrew Cohen seems to give some confirmation of the genuineness of the above phenomenon. No doubt more corroboration may come from other sources as one continues ones research....

On a noted forum run by David Christopher Lane I gave the above link. I asked Lane whether he had similiar experiences to my own with Faqir Chand. He answered that he did not. I may reproduce what he wrote sometime in the future. Anyway, here is Cohens article which appears to be part of promotion for his new book entitled Evolutionary Enlightenment,A New Path to Spiritual Awakening. His website is as follow.

Spontaneous Revelation & Noble Effort

There are two ways that you can experience the intoxicating joy, profound peace, and ecstatic wakefulness of the Ground of Being: spontaneously or through effort.

Spontaneously, like an unexpected visit from God, for no particular reason the doors of perception can open, expanding your awareness to reveal a higher and deeper dimension of consciousness. This kind of event often happens in the company of an enlightened master who has access to this unmanifest ground, or in a group of dedicated individuals who have come together for a higher purpose. But you can also experience the ground of being simply through your own disciplined effort, through choosing to step beyond the conditioned mind.

A spontaneous experience is a source of tremendous inspiration because it proves something to you, directly. When you unexpectedly discover the shocking clarity of bliss consciousness, without having made any effort to attain it, it compels you to acknowledge the existence of a deeper, higher dimension of your own self. But extraordinary and miraculous as they are, spontaneous experiences are rarely enough to finally liberate us from an unenlightened relationship to the mind and emotions. More often, they will simply reveal how extraordinary our potential for liberation is, here and how, and simultaneously expose how deluded we are most of the time.

A spontaneous experience of higher consciousness is like a free ride to heaven. But to stay there we have to be willing to pay the price. That means that at a moment’s notice, we have to be willing to do battle with the demons of fear and doubt. True liberation is something we all have to be willing to fight for. Sometimes it may be easy, but at other times you will find yourself overwhelmed by fear, doubt, confusion, narcissistic concerns and materialistic desires. So the willingness to make effort has to be unconditional in relationship to your own mind. That willingness is what creates receptivity to higher consciousness in each and every one of us. When you are willing to make the noble effort to liberate yourself, to consistently struggle to make the right choices for the right reasons, it creates a receptive inner atmosphere. Through the disciplined practice of meditation, the conscious, consistent renunciation of the mind and emotions, you create a fertile ground within you for higher consciousness.

In the end, no matter how profound your experience of revelation, the only question that matters is “Am I going to be ready to change, based on what I have seen, or not?” Only if you are ready to change will the spontaneous experience of liberating insight become the initiation that leads to lasting transformation. If not, it will soon fade into nothing more than an inspiring memory. When you fall back into a state of unenlightenment, in an instant the fears and desires of the ego overwhelm you once again. This is why it is so essential to cultivate the habit of making noble effort. You need to assume an inner posture that is going to ensure your victory. If you are not deadly serious about this, you are not going to make it. That’s guaranteed.

Andrew Cohen


Monday, 15 August 2011

Psychic Encounters of a Friend.

By Robert Searle

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Since 1980, or thereabouts I used to know an Australian friend. I will call him by his first name which is Chris. He is somewhat eccentric. He used to, and still does collect rubbish. He is a great believer in "recycling" where possible.
Anyway, when I first met him he was well-dressed, and had a thin elderly Indian friend who referred to himself as the Universalist, or words to that effect. The latter claimed he could not see in one eye due to an operation by a "fake doctor" as he put it. He lived with some Muslims which he did not like as he recalled the appalling smell of spiced meat ascending from their kitchen (An unpleasant experience which I had as I, like him am vegetarian, and the way the meat smelt was frankly horrible!). He also like Chris used to give me free things notably food. He was a very kind soul, and I expect he no longer physically exists.
To return to Chris per se. Back in July 1997 he had an "extraordinary" experience. It occured very late at night. He was in Langley Memorial Park, and was staring at what might be termed a "UFO". It was erractically circling anti-clockwise a "star", or "planet" which was gradually moving across the sky. Chris described the "craft" as being red, and triangular with a flashing light on it. He stood transfixed by it for sometime. Then, the "UFO" slowly descended towards him, and then, shone a light at him. This "light" seemed to make Chris very peaceful, and unafraid. It was also trying to make him fall asleep as it was now very early morning. As the "light" and "craft" descended more, and more towards him he suddenly took fright, and dashed off to his friends house which was nearby.He feared that he might be abducted...
I questioned Chris on a number of times about the above, and he always came up with the same story without any elaboration. Attempts were even made to try, and trace independent witnesses who may have seen the same thing but to no avail.A week, or so after all this I had my own personal "UFO" experience. I saw something late at night which was suprising. Whether it was something genuine is quite another matter. Anyway, I saw two "UFOs" going around the moon! Then, they both went off in different directions, and were seen no more. Their appearance tallied with the description given by Chris.
In the late 1990s I was for whatever reason fascinated by the alleged UFO phenomena. Most sightings ofcourse turn out to have a rational explanation. At this time there were a number of glossy magazines on the subject, and one of them I came across mentioned the experience of electricity in the air when a "sighting" was made. This apparently was the case with Chris. Personally, I do not believe that his experience was objectively real in the "physical" sense. It was simply an "opening" into a psychic reality which only Chris could experience. The same I feel is true about my own experience. Ofcourse, critics would dismiss this all as merely a form of hallucination. In a sense, this is true at a deeper level of understanding.
What amused me was that Chris came up with another "story". He said that one night he was walking in Tescos car park...and was being followed by a "UFO" up in the sky. Every time he stopped to look round the "craft" would suddenly stop! As I explained to Chris most "UFOs" are really psychic phenomena as the evidence clearly indicates. For example, so-called alien abuductions can involve people being taken through the walls of their home suggesting that it is form of lucid dreaming, or out-of-body experience.
Among other things, Chris had an interest in spiritualism. He once told me that he went to a seance in Langley. The use of Quija Board was the order of the day...or rather the night!! In it he mentioned how he felt a power move the glass to spell out a message from the "Spirit World". Nothing as far I known went seriously untoward even though I recall listening to a phone-in programme in which hundreds of people complained about their experiences with the Quija Board.
Chris used to, or still has a married lady friend called B. He stayed with her at her mothers home in Norfolk. There, they both experienced mild forms of poltergeist activity. It was claimed that Bs late brother was trying to attract attention so to speak! Apparently, he was very attached to his mother. However, when the latter died the poltergeist activity suddenly stopped. The late brother was at last reunited with his late mother!!
Another lady friend of Chris was someone who was into vampires. She even tried to draw blood from him with a knife so that she could suck it out!
In many respects, Chris is not the ideal witness of alleged phenomena. But that does not mean he is exagerating, or fibbing. On the contrary, he comes across as someone who is very pleasant,trusting,transparent, but "gullible". For example, he seems to naively regard everything about the "power" of "magic rituals" found in books notably published by Finbarr as "gospel truth"

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Anatomy of Thoughts...

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Back in the early 1980s I used to attend the Slough Writers Group. I would on occassion read out some of my manuscripts which notably included a historical novel called Hearts in Thorns (formerly entitled The Devils Dance), and a comedy about psychic research...which caused some merriment. The former was about a power struggle saga between rich nobles in late 14th Century England. It was purely fictional but with accurate period detail based on research which I had been undertaking. This novel opened with a dramatic duel which held my small audience in thrall.

The SWG attracted a small range of interesting people which included Chris Webb the poet postman who published his stuff in the local paper. Another notable was Alan Taylor a charming old boy type who had published books on DIY. He even gave me a signed copy of his paperback opus on Garden Construction. Arthur Nicklin was a prolific freelance writer for various magazines including Prediction as he had some interest in occult matters. He was a fascinating man, and I used to drive him back home after a SWG meeting. The last time I saw him in the flesh was in the high street in Slough. He was gathering information about healers by interviewing them for a book. Whether this opus came to anything is another matter. However, one of the SWG group a lawyer by trade had published a book on witchcraft in the local area if my memory serves me correctly.

Anyway, enough nostalgic rambling!

It was around this time that I began to develop a questionaire about thought structure, and contents of the human mind. Unfortunately, I do not have a copy of it. But I can give some idea of the questions presented....

1. Do your thoughts appear visual most of the time?

2. If you close your eyes, and see an image what is the appearance of its surrounds. Is it fuzzy? Is it grainy? Is it firelike? etc

3. Does the surround of your image change, or not? If so, what shape manifests itself?

4. Do you feel thoughts as images enter different points of the human body? Do your thoughts of love for example enter the heart area? Do mainly intellectual
thoughts enter the top the cetera.

5. Do you sense thoughts sometimes enter your head as if they were "disembodied" energies? (Here, the notion is like question 4) For example, people sometimes say that a thought just struck them, or it just came into their mind out of the blue...and so on.

The above are just some examples of the thoughts questionaire.

A member of the SWG called Miss Portsmouth actually undertook answering the questions. She found it very interesting, and incidently, she was studying psychology! She gave some intriguing answers but unfortunately I do not have a record of it.

In occult circles "thoughts are things". I recall once doing a telepathic experiment with a friend. The latters thought with the actual word sent was seen by my minds eye as it flashed into my head.

I recall too when I was in a watch repair workshop which was close to East Berks College in Windsor that I was gaining a strong mental rapport with a friend, Steven Stroud. All of a sudden I was aware for a few seconds of a coloured "field" of energy connecting me with him in a kind of telepathic link.

Monday, 20 June 2011

Anyone Can Feel Energies..............

By Robert Searle

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Back in circa 1994, or thereabouts Gurinder Singh, the head of Radhsoami Satsang Beas made a suprise visit to the London Satsang. At the end of his talk he asked whether anyone had any questions. I stood up, and claimed that during my spiritual search I had experienced "energies" from some gurus, or words to that effect. Gurinder rightly said that "Anyone can feel energies". There is nothing in the way of real spiritual advancement about it.

Anyway, in April 2011 I was at a famous yearly Sikh Festival in which a number of temporary free food stalls were set up on certain streets in Slough. These marked the procession of the Guru Granth Sahib, the holy book of the Sikhs, and their actual living Guru. Just before the open canopied float in which it was placed along with the priests appeared, I was wistfully thinking about the energies of higher conciousness experienced at Haynes Park where I was at a Radhasoami meeting. I did not feel anything like that at the Slough Sikh Festival. However, much to my amazement as I came close to the actual float, and indeed, the Guru Granth Sahib itself I experienced the intensity of higher energies, and as such bowed to it with a respectful Namaste...However,no visual data was registered as the energies could have come from one of the priests rather than from the Granth itself in the open canopied float.

As mentioned in an early post in Esoteric Miscellany, I was struck by a ray from the Guru Granth Sahib itself as I paid my obeissance to it....! Whether this was a trick of the imagination, or not is impossible to say. Anyway, drawn by this energy I joined the procession of mainly sweaty, and at times smelly (!!) ladies who followed the float. Much to my suprise I saw in the crowd Fiona McTaggert, the MP for Slough who recognized me. She had an scarf over her head, and was dressed like an Indian Sikh lady if I recalled correctly. Thankfully, she did not give her usual Cheshire cat-like smile!

Apart from the above,I was once sitting at a public computer terminal doing my usual tapping on the keys when someone next to me passed me a note. On it was the word psychic....but without the question mark. It transpired that the person next to me claimed he could feel my "energies" and was wondering whether I was psychic, or not. I said that I was possibly. He also revealed he could pick different energies from different people but like me usually received no visual data. He rightly pointed out that this was a natural phenomena...........

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Project Mind...

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Project Mind is a Jewish society concerned with the betterment of the world. I had email contact with the late David Devor who was its founder. I include some extracts from their website. (unfortunately the link is not working. Just put Project Mind in google. It is well worth a visit).

Science is the most creative of human endeavors.

Through technology, science transforms inert matter into new liberating possibilities.
Project Mind is establishing a unique project with a special strategy to join science with creativity to increase efficiency in science and dramatically accelerate the production of advanced breakthroughs in medicine, science and technology.

The Eureka sparks of vision that now drive the vast mechanical enterprise of science will become enduring connections of scientific creativity resulting in science that is more encompassing and integrated, and less fragmented, destructive and polluting in its technological spin-offs. We call this form of creativity, "Accelerated Thought" (AT).

We seek the cooperation of those who share this vision.

We seek the candidates for Accelerated Thought

Most of our troubles can be traced to our lack of knowledge of the world around us. Basically, scientists, using knowledge, intuition and sparks of creativity frame hypotheses which are then verified by experiment and observation. Presently, emphasis is placed on the mechanisims for validating hypotheses (ie. instrumentation and methodology), rather than on the scientific creative vision of the scientist.

Through a more intense form of creativity which we call "Accelerated Thought", the complex nature of matter can be discovered to produce encompassing and integrated holistic scientific and technological breakthrough solutions. This requires a more intense concentration between the researcher and the natural phenomena he is contemplating than what is currently practiced. This creative effort is shown in the literature describing the stunningly innovative and comprehensive scientific visions of Tesla, McClintock and others.

Who Are the Candidates for Accelerated Thought?

Project Mind is to be the pilot project and model for a creativity-oriented science aimed at producing scientific and technological breakthroughs. We seek candidates having the will, courage and desire to discover scientific breakthroughs and inventions through the creative effort that culminates in Accelerated Thought. Provisions will be made for the care and lodging of participants and for remuneration to help compensate for family and other responsibilities. Isolation is a necessary condition to prevent outside influence on the candidate's efforts to generate the concentration needed to induce Accelerated Thought.

Accelerated Thought is a high-energy mental process whereby realizations (consisting of problems and solutions) arrive, second by second, in rapid-fire sequence rather than once in a lifetime as is typical with Eureka experiences. Project Mind will arrange conditions favoring the occurrence of Eureka experiences as precursors to Accelerated Thought. This induction process and Accelerated thought itself can be maintained, contained, modulated and harnessed to the benefit of mankind. This higher, creativity has long been the dream of many professionals in the creativity field.

Although the Eureka experience is not exactly Accelerated Thought, it is very closely related, and its habitual exercise is the trademark of creative genius. The right moment can produce a Eureka experience, and a series of Eureka experiences can, under the correct conditions, induce a chain reaction which can develop into Accelerated Thought.

The intensity of this experience is accompanied by a spectacular increase in vitality and a feeling of elation. There is an accumulation of awareness that lifts the mind and the individual as a whole to a more integrated level of functioning than before.

Just as brief Eureka experiences provide moments of brilliant insight - the sparks of genius and inspiration that have fueled the sudden advances in scientific progress until now - Accelerated Thought will provide a more intense and sustained form of creativity rendering science holistic and comprehensive.

EffortThe act of creativity is an effort of attention to bring more and better quality energy to the point of observation in order to sustain attention and thus experience more of reality. The duration and quality of attention necessary to perceive the different attributes inherent in a substance or phenomenon and integrate that data in our mind to completely perceive it requires a sustained level of effort.

The limiting factor is the effort of observation and the motivation needed to fuel it. There must be a link of attention between ourselves and the phenomenon studied. The quality of that link depends on its strength and derives from the strength of the intention that sustains it. Thus it is quality of effort that determines how deeply we are able to penetrate into the phenomenon.
ExtrapolationIf the mind grasps, in sufficient detail and with sufficient accuracy, the revealed aspects of a phenomenon, it can hypothesize and project estimations concerning aspects that are as yet undiscovered. Some qualities of a phenomenon will suggest possibilities and constraints in one direction while others will suggest possibilities and constraints in others.

We must be able to see the unique set of circumstances that constitute the being of the phenomenon under consideration and how it connects to other phenomena that are the adjacent components of it.

In the absence of this ultimate effort of creative observation we see only tiny parts of the whole, painstakingly piecing together clues - the isolated parts of the "reality puzzle" that we stumble upon. Extrapolative vision (Accelerated Thought) can be far more penetrating and revealing.
Candidates We seek candidates already predisposed towards Accelerated Thought - those who during their lifetimes have had fairly frequent Eureka experiences and, in some rare cases, even short bouts of Accelerated Thought. These individuals who show a proclivity towards intensely original thought - will be the first to make use of the uniquely supportive environment that Project Mind will offer.


1. Competence

Early candidates for Project Mind will, of necessity, have gained considerable mastery over their chosen field of endeavor or at least in areas pertinent to those of nature's secrets they wish to penetrate with Accelerated Thought. As already indicated, these candidates will, also, be exceptionally disposed towards creative thought.

2. Motivation

The process of Accelerated Thought is initiated by applying sustained "pressure" to conventional reflective thought. This means intensely concentrating on a problem to which we are committed to solving. This will increase our awareness of the terrain we have chosen. Thus the principle criterion for participation in Project Mind is a desire to enter a state of Accelerated Thought.

3. Independence of Spirit and Strength of Character

The desire to innovate must be linked with one's desire to pursue one's destiny.

4. Scientific Aspiration

The candidate's attitudes and aspirations towards their field of science will be of utmost importance in screening for participation.

David Harrington, and his book Inclinations...........

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David Harrington, the author of Inclinations contacted me on the web.I thought I would give him a little help in promoting his work as he has been busy going around bookshops, and appearing on radio in the States. The following is a brief intro to Inclinations.....

....Replete with angels and mythical creatures, Inclinations is a strange and allegorical mixture of poetry and prose. Based on a series of mystical and esoteric visions, this collection of short stories and poems covers a wide variety of themes including faith, judgment, mysticism and spiritual warfare. With a bit of prophecy clouded in the metaphor of sacred language, one must decide where to interpret the text literally and where to interpret it figuratively.

Ref Worlds Apart Books.

The following is an extract called the Two Rams.

Come: Look and see the wonderful sights through theeyes of the visionary.I was driven by the Spirit to a high plateau near a river of rushing waters. And overlooking the sea wall where the waters cascade into the sea, stood two, like rams, clothed in long flowing robes all decked in gold.And in their hands I saw them juggling open books as would a pair of charlatans. And out of the mouth of one I saw fabulous tongues of fire stretch forth over the congregation. And in the eyes of the other welled up great pools of water that whenever he opened his mouth to speak, an endless flood of tears would pour down upon the congregation: In order to extinguish the flames that the first ram had spit forth from out of his mouth.Above the crashing of the waves I could hear the rams speaking great things concerning the Living God before the assembly, who had come to witness the powers of their healing word. But when they spoke their words clashed and went against one another, not too far between.Nevertheless, the rams stood fearlessly in the midst of the congregation, facing each other in bitter opposition,kicking and snorting as they prepared to do battle. And bowing their heads in prayer, they charged at full throttle.And when the rams locked horns, I heard a loud crack of thunder. And all about the arena the mountain rattled. And it was high tide and the waves were battering ferociously against the sea wall. And the boulders were loosened from their places, and the great slabs of marble, granite and slate of their temples broke loose from their foundation and washed out to sea.And their faith faltered and gave out from under them by way of their pride and shame. And their ministries fell hard against the rocks and broke apart. And their lavish kingdoms were thrown down hard with mighty vengeanceagainst the sea wall and crumbled to pieces.And the congregation disputed one with the other over the great things which the rams had spoken in their midst: For one spoke vehemently and with great authority, and the other mildly. And the assembly was torn in two and divided by way of the great things which the rams had spoken. And departing from the midst, went their separate ways.And as I stood wondering what these things might mean, I heard the angel answer and say,“Marvel not: For I shall show you the cause of the rams’great downfall, with whom they have committed adultery.”And as the angel was yet speaking, behold, up from out of the midst of the congregation arose a she-goat despoiled with the filth of the earth. And she ascended to the crest of the mountain and opened her mouth to speak great things against the rams.And the she-goat had a small following that went up after her with hammers and chisels that they might carve in stone every glorious word that proceeded out of her mouth.And she lashed out fearlessly against the rams, accusing them of debauchery and treachery. And the congregation was appalled at the rams and cast them into prison because of the glorious words which the she-goat had spoken. over a year ago

David Harrington gives some explanation.... For all practical purposes, the Two Rams should be interpreted as televangelists on a crusade to lead people to God, but in reality they are false prophets and religious quacks out to rob the people of their money by pretending to be ministers of God. The rams' long flowing robes symbolize their mock holiness and phony priesthood and serve as a cover to conceal their immorality, while their flashy gold jewelry represents their immense wealth that they've emassed by embezzling their way through life, but more importantly, it stands for their imaginary bond with God. How's this for a start? Ref Facebook site

...........What follows is a brief on the hoof questioning of David Harringtons inner experiences. However, alot more could have been garnered if a more structured, and more comprehensive approach had been initiated...

RS.I assume you had experience with inner Sounds

DH.Oh yes Voices, Visions, etc

RS.Do you normally hear a specific Sound like Bells, or thunder or drums? Does the colour blue often feature in your experiences?

DH.Lots of thunder and voices, water

RS.Very interesting

DH.Blue? A little but not overly so.

RS.Interesting...what about the colour red?

DH.About the same....Lots of rainbows in my visions.

RS.Do you see things during normal waking conciousness rather than via trance, and astral travel Or is the former a rare phenomenon

DH.Normal waking conciousness..usually with very little warning.

RS.I see. It happens suddenly

DH.I have been transported to spiritual realms you might say.

RS.And do the phenomena suddenly go as well rather than fade away..have you come across Surat Shabd Yoga?

DH.Yes suddenly, usually my ears will plug up and I am compelled by a strong urge to seclude myself somewhere quiet where I can receive the vision(s) without interruptions.

RS.Very interesting... And Shabd Yoga...heard of it? It teaches advanced soul travel, and uses the Sound as a means of mystic transport

DH.I've heard of it but not familiar with it though. Sounds very interesting indeed.

RS.But do you use Sound to transport upwards, or do you have a whirlwind type off experience Do you merge into the Sound, and does it pull you up or not? In other words, spiritual levitation. has a couple of times I would say.

RS. Interesting... And you have met beings, and have had a telepathic rapport with them

DH.I have ascended to higher realms and then back down to earth again several times in my visions.

RS.Do the beings change forms at all...maybe I should read the book!!

DH.Yes you should read the book for sure. Yes there are creatures that change forms to adapt to their surroundings.

RS.Do any appear alien like as understood in UFO "mythology".

DH.No mostly animal forms or humans who take on animal forms..........................

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

2011.....The Anniversary of The Tempest by William Shakespeare........

by Robert Searle

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Yes, 2011 does indeed mark the anniversay of The Tempest by William Shakespeare. It is said to be his last work, and is highly esoteric........especially the film adaption of it by the film genius of Peter Greenaway. Here, I refer to the masterpiece known as Prosperos Books (1991). This is my best film of all time. As indicated, it is based on The Tempest...

..Some three years ago I refer to it on my music site...

".........This interpretation is full of a sense of the theatrical, and the supernatural per se. It has a rich set of sets so to say which are like rich living renaissance paintings. There is a depth to this film which is difficult to describe, and appreciate. It is cinema at its best brimming with a sense of power, and meaning beyond its celluloid reality....far removed from the usual diet of trash so common of modern day popular film-making. "

The following review comes from Radio Times Guide to Films, 2010.

"Historically important both as a record of John Gielguds celebrated stage rendition of Prospero, and as the first film to be shot entirely in High Definition Video, this visually stunning fantasy is more than just a straightforward adaption of The Tempest. Focusing on the exiled Duke of Milans beloved 24-volume library, Peter Greenaway overlays multiple images and textual information in a meditation of the processes of thought and artistic creation, with Gielguds voicing of all Shakespeares chracters. Viewers may find Greenaways experiments with non-linear narrative challenging, but patience is rewarded."

Another review says the following....

"Prospero's Books really exists outside criticism. All I can do is describe it. Most of the reviews of this film have missed the point; this is not a narrative, it need not make sense, and it is not 'too difficult' because it could not have been any less so. It is simply a work of original art, which Greenaway asks us to accept or reject on his own terms."

Roger Ebert

Here are some other links..

The problem with Prosperos Books is that it really is something which you cannot describe. It has a timeless quality...Every scene for me at least has strange psychological depth which is rich, and often inpenetrable.I will end this blog article with a link to You Tube which displays some clips from Prosperos Books.However, the film itself really needs to be experienced from start, to finish................

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

The Early Days...

by Robert Searle

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When I was in my teenage years, and probably a little earlier I was fascinated in psychical research, or parapsychology as it is more popularly known. This in the main was due to my childhood experiences which are narrated in The Realization of the Psychic.

About 16 years of age, or so I wrote two manuscripts. One was a fiction piece concerned with post-mortem existence, and another one which had the rediculously pompous title of Explanations for Paranormal Events. Colin Symthe a publisher (notably published The Link by Matthew Manning) lived in Gerrards Cross, and not far from Stoke Poges where I was living. He turned it down with a polite, and encouraging rejection letter. As for the long fiction work which included direct speech it too met a similiar fate from some publishing house in London.

None of this though quenched my thirst for a better understanding of the psychic, and spiritual. For reasons best known to myself I believed at the time that parapsychology offered the best basis on which the spiritual, and the mystical could be taken more seriously as being real "objective" phenomena... rather than tricks, and deceptions of reality, and the mind.

In 1977, I was presented by an advert from my mater about some researcher who was advertizing in The Times about collecting anecdotal "stories" for a book on psychic experiences from various people. I sent him my past "encounters" including the visitation of a Victorian ghost in Windsor which is described in The Realization of the Psychic.

My contact was called John Pyman. He turned out to be a part-time homeopath. He seemed impressed by my psychic experiences, and I had the honour of meeting him in his basement flat in Gwendwr Road, Kensington, London. He claimed that he had a philosophy degree from Cambridge, and had been an intelligence officer in World War II.

His basement flat was cramped, as it was filled with piles of books. He also had a few "ornaments" connected with Ancient Egypt.If I recall correctly he believed that he may have had a past life in that time. He also revealed that he had published a book on philosophy for American students which apparently did very well.

It was through John Pyman that I came to know something about the Society for Psychical Research. Indeed, he gave me a good reference to help me join it.
I recall him referring to the secretary of the Society as that "bird-like woman". The name of the lady concerned was Eleanor O' Keefe, and she had a very sharp mind. She was clearly highly efficient, and was a wealth of information on anything to do with parapsychology. On quite a number of occasions, her name appears in the acknowledgements of many books on parapsychology. She was apparently a friend of the late Colin Wilson, the well-known writer.

Anyway, John Pyman passed on an unpublished article I wrote about on physics, and parapsychology to friend of his who happened to be a physicist...and who incidently gave me an interesting reply.

Pyman was an interesting individual, and confided in me about having received a mathematical puzzle which he could not solve. I had a go at it myself but without success. However, a friend of mine also called John seemed to be interested in cracking the mathematical puzzle. So, I passed it on to him.

John X met John Pyman in London. Apart from the puzzle the former admitted that he wanted to throw his father out of the window! Though I did not know it at the time John X was suffering from serious mental problems, but when I used to meet him he seemed perfectly "normal". Then, I remembered something. He told me that he had been studying at Cambridge, but was unable to finish his course because of a mental breakdown. I am not a psychiatrist, and I do know what kind of condition he was suffering.Fortunately, John X did not meet up with Pyman again...and probably just as well!

On a number of occasions, I used to travel down to London to visit the Society of Psychical Research library. Often, I would take back to Stoke Poges(where I used to live) a whole host of books. Apart from the SPR, another of my haunts was the Theosophical Society, the Arcane School, and the College of Psychic Studies.

..I have to admit that SPR seemed to be more interesting than the other places I visited...It had some quite fascinating, and obscure literature. It was there that I discovered certain cases of children having out-of-body experiences/near-death experiences in which they "spontaneously" used Inner Sounds to "levitate". This was exactly what happens in Shabd Yoga....! A small piece of corroborative evidence by..children! Unfortunately, I did not take note of the reference, but I hope to retrace it.
The librarian of the SPR then (in the 1980s) was Nicholas Clarke-Lowes who had a degree in chemistry if I recall correctly. He was a charming fellow, and I was impressed to learn that he had come across The Path of the Masters by Dr. Julian Johnson. In those days the internet was not available unlike now. As such, it was also incredibly difficult to find any "objective" information about the background of the Radhasoami Movement, and Shabd Yoga.

When I first joined the SPR I had been interested in Eckankar, and I was suprised to get an expose about it from Leslie Price who was with Eleanor O' Keefe when I phoned. He kindly sent me copy of his information which was a journal called the Spiritual Counterfeits Project . It drew virtually all its research from a certain academic, David Christopher Lane who is now a well-known authority on the subject of the Radhasoami Faith. I later contacted him, and managed to get a free copy of his book on Eckankar which went into its controversial background in greater detail than the Spiritual Counterfeits Project Journal.
I only went to three lectures at the SPR. One was by Matthew Manning (who left me cold), the second one by Francis Hitching, and the third one by Susan Blackmore. These lectures took place at Kensington Library, and before going to one of them I remember on one occasion being in the Society's library with an interesting assortment of "veteran" parapyschologists...Eric Dingwell (or Ding!), Renee Haynes, Manfred Cassirer, and a certain Guy Lyon Playfair. I thanked the last named individual because it was through his book The Unknown Power that I was seriously drawn into the study, and research of parapsychology. However, I did not find Playfair very friendly, and he seemed to be closeted up in his own little world.

Anyway, it was through the above experiences, and indeed, the "Vision" of the Spiritual "Sun" in 1977 that empowered me to try, and find out whether there could be a revolutionary new approach in which science, mysticism, and parapsychology could come together to create a major paradigm...that paradigm ofcourse was Multi-Dimensional Science, or MDS..............

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

An Encounter with the Subud Brotherhood....

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Right back in 1983 I was doing research for a possible article on the Subud Brotherhood. In Windsor I met Dominic Rieu, my key contact. He was a charming fellow of the old boy network. At the time if I recall correctly the conference centre of Anugraha was nearing completion. The word which is Sanskrit means Unexpected Place.

Anyway, I nearly had the chance of meeting Bapak the founder of Subud who was visiting Anugraha. Unfortunately, it was not to be due to other commitments. When I met Dominic I mentioned that the receiving of the "Holy Spirit", or "Higher Energy" during the practice of Latihan as it was called was like the Kriyas in Indian yoga. These Kriyas, or actions are an outward result of the purifying Power of the Spirit (similiar to the Pentacostal experience). They may involve strange movements such as jerks, and other kinds of actions. However, the human will can stop the process at any stage of the Latihan experience.

Anyhow, Dominic Rieu seemed impressed by the above "revelation", and the Indian mystical connection ..along with my knowledge on the Subud Brotherhood. He showed me a book which he had recently written, and published. I was allowed to borrow it along with other material.

Rieu died sometime ago in his nineties..Here is a link to him which also has link to a Times Obit on him.

Bapak the founder of the Subud Brotherhood wrote something of his inner experiences in certain "controversial" writings. These have yet to be traced by me. They maybe similiar to those of Indian Mystics.

Interestingly, I posted a link on Multi-Dimensional Science on a Subud discussion group. One lady made the claim that if people were able to record in writing something of their inner experiences on receiving the "Holy Spirit" it could cause premature awakenings in others which would not necessarily be desirable. This reminded me of Swami Muktanandas highly descriptive accounts of his visions, and the the like which could in some cases cause people reading them to awaken the Kundalini energies, and hence, bring about "higher" changes in conciousness. Whether this leads to "desirable" consequences is another matter.

Sant Kirpal Singh a respected Shabd Yoga Master gave a brief "critical" comment on Subud.

"....The mystic base in the case of Subud is much more important than in that of Christian Science, yet is often directed toward the same end. It seeks, through following a certain course of exercises called Latihan, to put its followers in touch with hidden psychic powers. It does not seem to enhance consciousness directly but enriches it indirectly through increasing one's powers of intuition. Whether one looks atthe experiences of Mohammad Raufe or those of John Bennett, one realizes that in the case of Subud, a person may serve as a medium for higher spiritual forces,curing people of diseases, without becoming a conscious co-worker. The result is that instead of progressing to higher and still higher planes of consciousness, until one merges with the Infinite, one tends to cultivate a passive receptivityto psychic powers which may not necessarily be of the higher kind. Many disciples during Latihan reproduce strange animal or bird experiences--a far cry from the Nirvikalp Samadhi or the Sehaj Samadhi spoken of by the greatest mystics."